Intrepid package arrives

#KantaPortraits Arrived package containing #intrepidcamera #8x10 film holder and lens board @intrepidcameraco / The Intrepid Camera Co. / The Official Intrepid Users Group. new camera for flight-friendly weight and field-use. Next phase of project that involves flights where weight limits would be a challenge, this camera would replace #5elecamm #10x12, while I will still be bringing kamra #1interchange #3x5 excited, but not gonna open yet


Upper Perak expedition with COAC

#KantaPortraits Over the weekend, will be heading into the interiors of Upper North Perak. I'm just guessing it is somewhere there. This is an overnight trip, first in the field. Will try with some camping gear.

Out of the interiors and exhausted. About 7+ hours journey one way, and half of it offroad (first ever time thrown into the deep to drive). Me trying to be as the natives are, and my latest obsession with the Cub chai (motorcycle) and how they are the staple mode of transport for native communities. They are like nimble horses that can tread any type of terrain, if handled by very dextrous rider of course. Overnight trip up north to ... Village. Took about 15 portraits in this village of over 90 natives. Apart from mapping, native land rights agendas that was the primary reason for the trip, portrait-taking was only the secondary (sideshow) program. More details and images when I get the time soon.

Thank you @Center for Orang Asli Concerns #COAC for the support.


2nd camp training– Sg Pertak

My second camping experience, this time with self cooking challenge, cooked basmati rice with Chicken curry potatoes (from a can), filter/ boil stream water for consumption. ok getting more self-sufficient. Next is to bring camera along, or do it with the bicycle #bikepackingKL

#Camping training, hitch-hiking on the way out, Sg Selangor Reservoir, Kuala Kubu Baru. it's cycle-able here, recce #bikepackingkl trip future plans.

One night camping, with cooking gear, hmm, I'm still bringing too much stuff! This is my backpack without tent and sleep mat yet, about 13kg in total. Recce for future #bikepackingkl trips. About 6-8km hike one way, Kuala Kubu Baru.

Hiking trail, might be hard #bikepackingkl with side-mounted panniers with narrow trails. Need to have inline bags more streamlined, recce for future cycling touring.

One night camping up north of city, one of the tributaries of Sungai Selangor Reservoir, Kuala Kubu Baru from Bukit Hulu Bakau.

1. Sg Selangor Dam
2. backpack without tent,and floor mat
4. trail map from road

3. hiking trail


Dinding Potret in Taiwan

#KantaTaiwan meanwhile in Taipei, the artpiece Dinding Potret has arrived in 7 days, all looks great. There will be a small exhibition starting May 12 of #KantaPortraits work in progress #BeyondBorders #EdgesofMalaysia


Reinstate 135 format enlarger

Upcycled my old workshop table top to make this baseboard for a very old Durst M305 enlarger. At 21x24" it should fit my largest easel #bilikobscura


Acquired; tripod & head

Just bought online, 2nd hand tripod and head. 7kg load capacity, for new camera that's coming in real soon.

manfrotto 055xpro $RM530.
manfrotto 3D pan tilt head $RM200

tripod head


Shipping artwork to Taipei

Dinding Potret Kanta art piece #DindingPotret is packed and ready to ship to Taipei for an exhibition. Can't believe it's actually happening, quite emotional seeing it being in a box being carried away. Thank you #KLbiennale for taking in my work and giving it all the exposure. Onwards to new frontiers and new works #KantaTaiwan #KantaBorneo as the kamra makes it's journey #KantaBoxKamra


Art Residency at Studio 94, Taipei in May 2018

Come May 2018, will be heading back to Taipei, Taiwan to start an art residency with Studio 94, Thermos Foundation. The art piece 'Dinding Potret Kanta 2014-2017' will be shipped over for an exhibition with other selective works that I would be able to bring along. I will be producing some prints there. As well as two expeditions to the South of Taiwan to visit two very different and distinctive tribes. The Rukai tribe of Wutai, Pingtung District and Tao (Yumi) tribe of Lanyu island, Taitung District.

A lot of preparations ahead before I would be ready, but here is to the start of the 'Beyond Borders; Portraits from the Edges of Malaysia', expeditions to Taiwan.


Studio 94, Taipei
photo expedition to two locations


Camping Training at Taman Negara

My first camping experience, hiking to three different sites with a 10kg backpack. Training for future trips, heading into the interiors

backpack after 4 days on the trail
cave camping at Gua Gajah, Elephant Cave, where wild free roaming elephants come to mine for salt minerals
river crossings
wild free-roaming elephants


Pos Piah Expedition with COAC

Lan of Kembok, Pos Piah, Upper Central Perak, Temer tribe (Temiar as recognised by Gov). Again it's an amazing experience to be with amazing and resilient people of central Malaysia. 14 hour journey, only 6 hours in two villages on a mapping and Native Community meetings and agendas. Less than an hour I had with the kamra before sunset, 12 people had their portrait taken. Then we had dinner, Kijang (Barking deer) and Babi Hutan (Wild Boar). Lunch was musang (civet cat/ fox) and katak (frogs). (With the kind support of #COAC)

Natural sunlight produces interesting tones and flares.

pos piah

- charge batteries for flash and GPS
- charge digital camera
- refill chemical bottles
- stock up photo paper
- pack and wrap lenses
- prepare educational kit
- light meter, batt check
- prep trays, cloth, waste water container
- prep envelopes
- prep namelists


Symposium Panel Discussion– Kanta Portraits

Symposium Panel Discussion Kuala Lumpur Biennale, National Art Gallery, moderated by Majidi Amir together with artists Tan Wei Kheng- Son of rainforest (Malaysia) and myself- Kanta Portraits (Malaysia)

#KantaPortraits Deeply inspired by the works of other panelists, @shaqkoyok_art, tan wei kheng with their work with indigenous people. I feel a big collaboration coming soon with them

Kanta Portraits Symposium Panel Discussion @klbiennale; This Saturday 24 Feb, 3.30pm. Will be presenting and discussing on Be loved Humanity, moderated by Majidi Amir together with artists Tan Wei Kheng – Son of rainforest (Malaysia), Hangjohn Lin – The politic of love (Taiwan) & @jeffreyjclim – Kanta Portraits (Malaysia) #KantaBoxKamra #edgesofmalaysia #beyondborders

Facebook Event https://web.facebook.com/events/146537559374815/


Speaker & Panel Discussion– World Urban Forum

Leveraging Diversity & Culture, shaping the cities for all, was on a panel at @wuf9kl with very distinguish people from #UNHabitat culture, heritage and #UNESCO creative cities, Mayors, movers who are making things happen in the world. Glad that Malaysia Heritage Board is there to also represent. selected more for the art, photography & social research rather than the cycling or urbanist projects #CyclingKualaLumpur #KantaPortraits #isd25 #BicycleMapProject #VillageBicycleWorkshop


Feature: Urban Tales, China Daily & The Star TV

Late last year, intimate thoughts to my approach to my work with portraiture, this project and my own reflections.


Acquired new camera– 8x10

i just bought a new camera for over RM3,000 for the project trip to taiwan this year. most i've paid for a camera in a long time! would take me a year to R&D build one, so i thought best i invest in a maker who i believe in (also something I could afford). Coming in 3 months... say hello to 2.15kg The Intrepid Camera Co. 8x10" camera (versus my 9kg #5elecamm 10x12", i save 7kg on my check-in luggage).


First Expedition of the year– Kg Sg Kewa COAC

#KantaPortraits quick report, more pics to follow, when able to. Seemed like a dream. Only managed 8 exposures, travelling time was more than my actually time there. But what a place to be, understanding the deeper discourse of what's actually happening to Malaysia's first people. Sg. Papan, crossing Sg Perak, into the interiors of Sg. Kewa, Temiar tribe. Lost another cap, left my other SD card with Colin. #KantaBoxKamra #1interchange (with the kind support from COAC)

#KantaPortraits what's goes into packing. Kamra #1interchange my most trusty camera, mobile backpack #KantaBoxKamra
Box camera, lenses, education kit, chemicals, trays, cloth, lights, flash, light meter, batts, all fits into box. Dark cloth/ jacket, tripod.

Maps, GPS unit, water proof digital cameras, one change of clothes. Ready for expedition into the interiors.


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New studio space

#KantaPortraits, New Space. have not posted much on this project, but since I returned from Taiwan, I had to pack up the studio, workshop and darkroom to move to a new space. The last 2 weeks I have been busy unpacking and trying to organise a "garage sale" of all unused items from #instudio25. The project has a dedicated space now, although it would take me another month or more before it will be operational as a darkroom #kantaboxkamra #villagebicycleworkshop *note* if you're interested in "garage sale" items, please do drop me a message


Studio Workshop Move

it'll take a few months before the studio workshop will be operational again. But to more space and dedicated area, bye bye sri hartamas., hello studio workshop KL.


Art for grabs: Laundromat Love, PJ

KANTA portraits last Photo Session for the year with Art For Grabs: Laundromat of Love, collecting portraits & fund-raising for next trips to #KantaBorneo and #KantaTaiwan. Selling off my film camera collection too, to purchase a lightweight 8x10 field camera, replacing the heavy 10x12 for field work. *only 1 camera will be available #1interchange for the session. Maps and some prints will be on display. (An instant portraits service printed on Silver Gelatin paper).

Art For Grabs: Laundromat of Love


Reference; 8x10 field camera builds

The potential of printing large portraits is great, although 10x12" is not the best size for photopaper (need to get 20x24" cut down by hand), and weight limit on flights (to rural interiors of 20kg). This makes it almost impossible to bring along as support camera for studio setup. No time to build own lightweight update, so it's best to look into acquiring lightweight 8x10 field camera, replacing the heavy 10x12 for certain field work.

WoodyMan 8x10"- France
810€ (RM4,000)
Caractéristiques techniques
Poids : 3,3kg
Matériaux : peuplier-bouleau, aluminium, visserie inox-plastique
Extension : 69 mm / 600 mm
Mouvements :
front tilt : uniquement limité par le soufflet
front swing : uniquement limité par le soufflet
front shift : -/+65mm
Rise : 75 mm
Fall : 60 mm
Back tilt : -/+ 30°
Back swing : -/+ 20°
Dimensions du boîtier fermé :
Longueur : 365mm
Largeur : 315 mm / 360 mm (avec les boutons)
Hauteur : 99,5 mm
Dimensions de la planchette objectif : planchette Sinar
Diamètre du trou : Copal 3 ou sur mesure (inclus)
Montage trépied : 2 trous de fixation 3/8″ + adaptateur 1/4″
/!\ Le boitier est fourni sans objectif. /!\
/!\ Photos non contractuelles, de par sa fabrication artisanale, le produit peut différé.  /!\

woodyman- france
woodyman- france

woodyman- france

woodyman- france

Intrepid 8x10"- England
£480 (RM2,700)
Max bellows extension: 560mm
Min bellows extension: 60mm
Max Front Rise/Fall: + 70mm / - 60mm
Max Front Shift: +/- 60mm
Max Front Tilt +/- 50º
Max Front Swing +/- 50º
Rear Tilt - 35º / + 90º
Folded Dimensions: 295x295x75 mm
Weight: 2.15Kg / 4.7lb
Sinar lens board compatible
Tripod Mount 1/4” and 3/8”
The camera comes with a high quality ground glass screen with a 1/2” Grid
All the cameras are lovingly made by hand in our little workshop in Brighton on the south coast.

Intrepid 8x10"- England
Intrepid 8x10"- England

Intrepid 8x10"- England
Intrepid 8x10"- England


Kuala Lumpur Biennale 2017

Kanta Portrait wall 2014-2017, the first piece I've made of the project. I have been working on this concept for a couple of years now, collecting cans (i've eaten most of it), but in the last 3 weeks before i left for Taiwan, i had to complete this in a mad rush. This panel consists of 67 cans, portraits of 85 people, taken from 2014 to 2017 in Malaysia, from the Northern Belum forest, to East Malaysia of people from all around Borneo. There is a deeper discourse, but i'll leave it as it is, visually. The exhibit is up from today till the 31st March 2018. So catch it when you can.

Jeffrey JC Lim / Dinding Potret Kanta 2014-2017
Hand-print on Silver Resin Coated paper, aluminium & steel food cans, bottle caps, mounted on oxidised zinc panel / 1975 x 503 x 135 mm / 2017 (67 cans, 85 people)